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history | since 1989

Harker Research began in 1989 as one of the first radio research firms in the country. Originally founded by Richard Harker, Harker Research focused on working with the radio stations that recognized the value in research and how it could impact their ratings success. In 1989 the research business was very different than it is today. Starting out, Harker Research worked with only a few clients while slowly proving the importance and value behind our research work. The business continued to grow and it didn't take long before the positive results of research were well documented in the radio industry.

Throughout the years, Harker Research has continued to evolve and has always remained on the cutting edge of research technology. We have expanded to provide our expertise in research throughout the media industry. We now serve clients ranging from local radio stations to international news networks. Harker Research has grown along with our clients and we look forward to continued success on both sides.