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Ad Adgencies | time tested methods

Whether shaking ideas out of hibernation, helping to maintain ratings dominance, or revitalizing a failing show, we incorporate meaningful consumer insights and intelligence as part of our consultation process. We partner with our clients in the creative process and deliver research and consulting services tailored to their specific needs. We are committed to providing relevant, reliable, and actionable answers to your issues and questions by employing these time-tested methods:

Online Dial Testing

Our Real Time Analyzers measure the immediate response of your listeners to your on-air product. The testing is done in a focus group environment with each listener controlling a meter so that they can register their "feelings". The results, displayed in an EKG-like readout can be monitored from the viewing room. RealTime Meter Methodology combines the elements of a Focus Group, along with some realtime dialog about what listeners like and dislike about programs and Advertising Campaigns.

Focus Groups with Real Time Analyzers

Focus groups are small carefully selected groups of target viewers who discuss television stations and programming with a trained moderator. These discussion groups enable us to quickly assess changes in the market, as well as help us respond quickly to competitive moves. Focus groups serve as a quick indicator of how well marketing or programming changes are taking hold and whether fine-tuning adjustments are necessary. Focus groups can also help identify key issues and set priorities for quantitative research to maximize the value of perceptual studies. While the small sample is not designed to be extrapolated to the general population, face-to-face discussions with viewers can help us generate ideas, questions, and issues worth further investigation.